Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

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Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Miscellaneous Papers of the Eighties and Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog
10 months ago – Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 12:07:14 AM

Something we've not properly explained that's a part of this campaign: Some of the Pocket Box games will include older sales flyers and company catalogs. As a part of making these reproductions as accurate and fun as we can manage, the factory has been scanning and preparing marketing materials as we uncover them and ship them to our reps. 

Just one of the flyers we've uncovered for the project!
Just one of the flyers we've uncovered for the project!

Each item will include a 2019 reproduction notice and, as you've guessed, none of the offers are valid today. The back cover sheet that we are creating for each game and expansion -- shrinkwrapped to the pocket box or book, or inserted into the ziplock bag -- will include a notice that older catalogs and flyers are for entertainment only and the items are no longer available . . . especially at those eighties prices! 

So far, we've managed to locate a 1982 catalog, a 1983 catalog, and two 1987 catalogs, as well as a small number of single-sheet inserts. (One marketing insert that Susan uncovered was completely new to me; I'd never seen it before this year!) And we're not yet finished digging into the games and archives!

Add-On: Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog 

We know that some of you were hoping to see other Uncle Al's catalogs offered as a part of this campaign, and we're happy to report that the 2036 catalog is now available as a $10 add-on item. This reprint of the original adds even more wild fun to your Car Wars games; watch out for that anti-power-plant rocket! To add this to your rewards, increase your pledge by $10 and then, in BackerKit, you'll let us know exactly which add-on items you want.

We're now closing in on the $105,000 stretch goal at which point we'll be ready to reveal the $115,000, the $120,000, and the $125,000 stretch goals! Please don't forget to share the project on your favorite forums and blogs! More backers = more unlocked stretch goals!

NOTE: As recommended by project supporter Danny Chamberlin, here's the total amount you need to pledge to get everything offered in the project as of this moment : $282.

That is the $200 Car Wars reward level + $40 for two more Pocket Box games, another $10 for two empty Pocket Boxes (to use with the storage box labels included with Car Wars and Ogre), $10 for Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog, and $22 more for the Cthulhu D6 Dice Set and Bullet Dice.

NOTE #2: We've had requests for an "I Want It All!" reward level so that you may click one button and know that you're getting everything that we produce as a part of this campaign. We don't have such a reward level at the moment, but we're working on the idea. We'll make an announcement if we manage a solution to the challenges associated with such a big reward level. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for supporting us!

- Phil Reed

$105,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked, More Stretch Goals Revealed!
10 months ago – Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 12:07:09 AM

And once again, we find ourselves on the other side of the line and another stretch goal down . . . and it's all thanks to your continued support and sharing the project online! With the $105,000 stretch goal down, we've added two new 9-inch by 12-inch pocket folders to the list of add-ons (just $3/each!). The Illuminati folder is included at no extra charge in the $145, $175, $200, and $250 reward levels while the Car Wars folder is a bonus in the $200 reward level. You need extra folders? Up your pledge by $3/folder and then let us know in BackerKit; we'll print as many as you want to own!

One of the two available pocket folders. Store all of your car designs here!
One of the two available pocket folders. Store all of your car designs here!

New Stretch Goals

With the $105,000 stretch goal defeated, we've now revealed stretch goals out to the $125,000 mark. Let's focus on unlocking:

  • $110,000 - Ogre Reinforcement Pack, which will be opened up as an add-on and automatically added to the $175, $200, and $250 reward levels if unlocked.
  • $115,000 - Two more pocket folders! One Illuminati and one Kung Fu 2100.
  • $120,000 - Illuminati Expansion Set 2. If we gain enough support to unlock this stretch goal, we'll add the expansion to the list of available Pocket Box titles and include it at no extra charge in the $145, $175, $200, and $250 reward levels.
  • $125,000 - Car Wars Expansion Set 5. Two more arenas! If we successfully gain support over this mark, then the expansion will be available as an add-on and included in the $200 reward level.

And we still have 19 days to go before the project closes! Let's keep unlocking those stretch goals and revealing new ones before the timer runs out!!!

- Phil Reed

$100,000, Die-Cut Counters, and Kung Fu 2100
10 months ago – Sat, Feb 09, 2019 at 09:33:10 PM

WOW! We had hoped that we could hit $100,000 before the project closed, but we never imagined that we would be there so early . . . with 20 days left to go! You continue to surprise us and all we can do is say: Thank you! You're showing everyone that these classics still deserve attention and are in demand; your support means a lot to us and we'll do what we can to keep making games for many years to come.

With $100,000 unlocked, that means each Pocket Box game available as a part of this Kickstarter campaign will include both retro-style counter sheets and die-cut counters. Those of you who want the original experience are welcome to cut out your counters . . . while everyone else plays with the die-cut counters. :)

And one surprise that we're happy to reveal now that the $100,000 stretch goal has fallen: Kung Fu 2100 is also available as a Pocket Box game! When selecting your final rewards in BackerKit, you will be able to choose from:

  • Illuminati
  • Illuminati Expansion Set 1
  • Car Wars
  • Truck Stop
  • Crash City
  • Ogre
  • G.E.V.
  • Battlesuit
  • Undead
  • Necromancer
  • Raid on Iran
  • One-Page Bulge
  • Kung Fu 2100

And that doesn't even include all of the expansions that are available as add-on items! Your support of this project is giving everyone to build an instant collection of Steve Jackson Games titles of the eighties . . . and we're not done yet!

As always, please let everyone know about the campaign. We're over 1,000 strong, now, and we are an army of retro game fans capable of anything.

- Phil Reed 

One-Page Bulge Unlocked, Car Wars and Ogre Storage Box Solutions!
10 months ago – Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 11:46:41 PM

Awesome work, gang!!! Three weeks from today, when this campaign comes to a close, the One-Page Bulge game will officially be one of the titles unlocked thanks to all of your incredible support. And with that $95,000 stretch goal down, we're now less than $5,000 from unlocking the die-cut counters in every Pocket Box game!

BONUS: Storage Box Labels!

I had a chat with David at GPI this morning (as well as Jason, who is coming on to assist with managing our various print projects) and we finalized the idea for the Car Wars and Ogre storage boxes that were revealed earlier. Thanks to your overwhelming support of the Pocket Box campaign, we'll skip the "unlock these!" step and move straight to: Stickers!

Here's how the Car Wars and Ogre storage boxes will work.

1. We're packing the Car Wars sticker inside the Car Wars Pocket Box game . . . and the Ogre sticker inside the Ogre Pocket Box game.

2. To use these stickers, be sure to select those two games in your rewards and add two empty Pocket Boxes ($10 pledge increase to get empty two boxes; you'll make your final selection in BackerKit).

3. When you receive your rewards, open the Car Wars and Ogre games and find the labels.

4. Apply one label/each to the empty Pocket Boxes that you added to your rewards package.

5. Now you have two storage boxes!!!

Easy, right? Taking this approach helps our team with managing the project and means that we don't have to create additional inventory. Packing the stickers into the appropriate games, and then allowing you to buy empty boxes, fits in with everything we've already planned for and keeps costs to a minimum. You get customized storage cases, and we get to keep our sanity. Win/Win!!!!

- Phil Reed

Car Wars and Ogre Storage Boxes?
10 months ago – Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 09:25:58 PM

Yesterday, project backer Jonathan Schmidt asked a question about storing expansions. Jonathan posted:

"Will the available expansions that are listed as coming in a ziplock back fit in the existing pocket box for the games themselves? Or, should I plan to order some empty boxes to store them?"

We've increased the depth of the Pocket Box design, so an expansion or two may fit with a base game without trouble, but no one box will absolutely hold every expansion. To give you some idea of how the components pack inside the boxes, here are snaps of Car Wars expansions inside the new Pocket Box design.

Two to three Car Wars expansions per box feels reasonable.
Two to three Car Wars expansions per box feels reasonable.

As we looked at the situation, we decided that we could do better than blank boxes. Gabby and I discussed the situation (if you're unfamiliar with Gabby's work, take a look at the Ogre Battlefields campaign; he handled all of the graphics as well as produced the Ogre playmats) and he soon had two new box labels ready for review with the factory.

Theoretical storage solutions, we're still figuring out how best to make these happen.
Theoretical storage solutions, we're still figuring out how best to make these happen.

We're not yet ready to officially add these storage boxes to the campaign, but we wanted to let all of you know: We've heard your requests for better ways to carry your Car Wars and Ogre expansions, and we do have an idea.

For now, we would appreciate it if everyone went to BoardGameGeek and shared your Car Wars memories and plans for these reprints in this thread. Discussions around the web help maintain excitement and raise awareness, and we need to continue to add new supporters if we're to keep unlocking stretch goals and adding even more cool stuff to the project.


- Phil Reed