Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

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Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

$140,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked, Pocket Box Colors, and . . . Boat Wars?
10 months ago – Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 12:32:05 AM

You're killing those stretch goals!!! As I mentioned before leaving for New York Toy Fair last week, there isn't a lot of time while I'm here at the show for keeping up with this campaign, so we revealed a couple of extra stretch goals . . . and you're knocking those down faster than we expected! With $140,000 behind us, we took time to prepare the $150,000 stretch goal while we're also still looking to unlock the next Car Wars reward level goal and the $145,000 stretch goal (our first wave of die-cut counters for Car Wars expansions!).

At $150,000, we'll unlock something many of you have asked for: Sunday Drivers! If the stretch goal is met, we'll pack an alternate label in the Crash City box, giving you the tool to transform your Crash City Pocket Box into Sunday Drivers. And if that stretch goal is met, we'll also pack a replica of The Best of Autoduel Quarterly, Volume 1 into the $200 reward level at no extra charge!

Pocket Box Colors

We know that Awful Green Things will be packed inside a green box, and that has us asking: Would you be interested in seeing other games in boxes other than black? Necromancer, for example, would look incredible in a purple box. Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on plastic colors! Do we stick with black, or do we change things up?

Boat Wars?

Many of you have asked that we include Boat Wars as a part of this campaign. (Speaking of plastic colors, a blueBoat Wars Pocket Box would be sweet.) All we can say is: We're exploring our options here. The challenge is that we need a near-perfect copy for the factory to work from; Darryll and the team are looking around in the archives.

More Supporters!

We need to drive awareness of the project and bring in more backers so that we can keep unlocking those stretch goals and packing the project. If you have a friend who has never played Car Wars, Undead, Necromancer, or Kung Fu 2100, today is the day to tell them all about this project and why they may want to join in and pledge for a game or two. Every new backer helps push us closer and closer to unlocking more stretch goals!

- Phil Reed

Two Stretch Goals Unlocked, Two Stretch Goals Revealed!
10 months ago – Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 10:20:16 PM

Yesterday was a solid day of meetings at New York Toy Fair, leaving me unable to take time to update the campaign graphics and you know: Two more stretch goals have been unlocked!!!

  • $135,000 - The Shockwave and Ogre Reinforcement Pack expansions will now include die-cut counters.
  • 425 $200 Car Wars Reward Level Backers - We've added two more pocket folders to the campaign and packed a new Car Wars storage box label inside the Truck Stop Pocket Box.

That makes a total of seven pocket folders unlocked as a part of this campaign, which is enough that we've also opened a new add-on item: The Pocket Folder Collection is one of each of the folders created as a part of this campaign. Simply increase your pledge by $18 for this collection of folders; you'll make your exact add-on choices in BackerKit after the campaign closes.

New Stretch Goals

In addition to the $140,000 and $145,000 stretch goals, we've now revealed two new goals aimed at those $200 supporters. 

  • 460 Backers - If we reach 460 backers at the $200 reward level, we'll unlock two new pocket folders featuring classic Steve Jackson Games cover artwork and include them at no extra charge in the $200 reward level. (And, of course, the Pocket Folder Collection add-on will grow by two folders.
  • 500 Backers - The Uncle Albert's 2038 Catalog joins the party! We've already revealed the 2035 (a $10 add-on and included as a bonus in the $200 reward level) and 2036 (a $10 add-on) catalogs, so this will make a great addition to the campaign if we can reach this goal.

As always, you won't have to be a part of the $200 reward level to select items unlocked items as add-ons, but joining in at the $200 level unlocks these stretch goals faster and packs even more bonus stuff into your rewards.

Awful Green Things?

We know you're waiting for this one, and we're getting close to revealing the game as a stretch goal. The delay? Making 100% certain that we can replicate the green plastic Pocket Box and not have to go with a black plastic box. I've got a meeting tonight that will give us the last piece of the puzzle . . . news to come!

Thank You!

We're down to less than two weeks to go before this project comes to a close and that $200 reward level is already an incredible bargain . . . so let's make it even better! Today, if you wouldn't mind, please check out this BoardGameGeek post and, if you wish, thumbs up and comment on the discussion. More chatter always help raise awareness, and raising awareness helps bring in more backers!

Thank you for your patience, gang. Sorry that we were so slow to update the project this time around. Just a few more days and the show will be over and things will return to normalish.

- Phil Reed

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space!
10 months ago – Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 10:19:36 PM

It's another intense day of meetings so we'll make this short:

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, in a green Pocket Box, is now available as one of the games you may select as a part of this campaign!

Please tell all of your friends!

- Phil Reed

$130,000 Unlocked!
10 months ago – Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 10:31:18 PM

I'm between meetings in New York and noticed that you've unlocked the $130,00 stretch goal. Thank you! You've now added a new pocket folder to the $175, $200, and $250 reward levels, bringing Ogre fans a suitable storage solution for any scenarios, FAQ, or other documents online that you want to print and carry. Additionally, theBattlesuit Pocket Box will now include a storage box sticker; add two empty Pocket Boxes to your pledge and you can use this sticker on one of them to create yourself a handy case for your Ogre goodies!

The Battlesuit Pocket Box game now includes this handy storage sticker! Apply to any empty Pocket Box!!!
The Battlesuit Pocket Box game now includes this handy storage sticker! Apply to any empty Pocket Box!!!

Up next, we have the $135,000 stretch goal that unlocks die-cut counters for the Shockwave and Ogre Reinforcement Pack ziplock bag expansions. And, best of all, we only need 22 more backers at the $200 Car Wars reward level to unlock two more pocket folders and a new storage box sticker; let's share the campaign and unlock these two stretch goals before next weekend, gang!

22 backers to go to unlock this stretch goal!
22 backers to go to unlock this stretch goal!

Empty Pocket Box Checklist?

We've seen some fun suggestions during this campaign, including the idea that we create a sticker for the back of an empty Pocket Box with a listing of all expansions unlocked during this campaign. Then, with such a sticker, you could apply it to an empty Pocket Box and check of the expansion(s) that you've packed into the box.

Fantastic idea! We'll discuss this with the factory and see if there's a way to make this happen. (In a perfect world, of course, we would create two: One for Ogre and one for Car Wars. We'll see what we can manage to pull off, if anything.) News to come!

- Phil Reed

$125,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked!
10 months ago – Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 10:09:29 PM

You may rest easy now. The stress of Car Wars Expansion Set 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 (where's 5??????) is behind us as the $125,000 stretch goal falls and we unlock Car Wars Expansion Set 5. This add-on may be yours: Simply increase your pledge by $13 and let us know in BackerKit that you want to include the expansion in your rewards.

For those of you backing at the $200 reward level, Car Wars Expansion Set 5 is automatically included in your rewards! We created a handy graphic to illustrate what is currently packed inside that $200 reward level . . . and it will only get better as more stretch goals are unlocked!

Next up: $130,000 to unlock more Ogre storage solutions. 

- Phil Reed