Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

Created by Steve Jackson Games

Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Three More Stretch Goals Down!!! Time For New Stretch Goals, Right?
9 months ago – Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 01:03:23 AM

That was unexpectedly fast! Three stretch goals all went down within an hour or so of each other, opening up even more for the campaign. The list of unlocked now also includes:

  • 1,450 Project Backers - Two more Ogre storage box stickers!
  • 600 $200 Reward Level Backers - Boat Wars! Available to choose as a Pocket Box title and automatically included in the $200 reward level.
  • $185,000 - Uncle Al's 2039 Catalog is available as an add-on item and included in the $200 reward level.

New Stretch Goals

In addition to the revealed 1,500 backers and $190,000 stretch goals, we have new targets to aim for:

  • 625 $200 Reward Level Backers - If unlocked, the Uncle Al's 2036 Catalog will be added to the $200 reward level.
  • 1,575 Project Backers - A new Car Wars storage box sticker!
  • $195,000 - GURPS Autoduel looked lonely, so we thought we would bring GURPS Zombietown, U.S.A. -- for use with GURPS Horror and GURPS Autoduel -- along for the ride.

Thanks for the continued support and for sharing the project! We've got stretch goals to unlock, gang, so that we can reveal more!

- Phil Reed

$175k and $180k Stretch Goals Unlocked, New Stretch Goals!
9 months ago – Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 12:33:08 AM

Car Wars Expansion Set 4 and 5 will both now include die-cut counters, meaning that those of you who never had to walk to school uphill -- both ways! -- can choose to miss out on the joy of cut-'em-yourself counters. You poor, poor children. You haven't lived until you've put as many cuts into your fingers as you have the counters. Why, in my day, we bled for the game! I remember the time that . . .

Oops. Sorry. Moving on now.

In addition to unlocking that $175,000 stretch goal and die-cut counters, you've also added Illuminati Expansion Set 3 to the campaign! This ziplock bag expansion adds a twist to Illuminati and is one of the very few titles where we're actually making a slight change to the original: The factory has confirmed that making the necessary tweak to the paper gameboard (there is an error in the original) will not be a problem. 

You can find the neatest things in the company archives . . .
You can find the neatest things in the company archives . . .

More Stretch Goals!

Coming up, we have to unlock:

  • 1,450 Project Backers - Now only eight more backers needed to unlock this goal and add two new Ogre storage box stickers!
  • 1,500 Project Backers - We found the original paste-up boards for the AADA Membership Card. Hey, when you get lucky and  find a treasure, you run with it. If unlocked, we will pack a replica of the card inside the Car Wars Pocket Box.
  • 600 $200 Reward Level Backers - 17 backers to go! If we meet this goal, the Boat Wars Pocket Box will be unlocked and added to the list of available games . . . and automatically included in the $200 reward level!
  • $185,000 - Unlocking this stretch goal adds to Uncle Albert's 2039 Catalog to the event . . . and packs it free inside the $200 reward level! Have we packed enough inside this reward level?
  • $190,000 - At $190,000, we will create two pocket journals and include one inside Necromancer and one inside Car Wars.

Later today, the 48-hour notices go out and, with luck, we'll see a surge in support as we close in on the finish line. We can unlock more stretch goals . . . but we can only do it with your help in raising awareness of the campaign!

- Phil Reed

Journals! $190,000 Stretch Goal Down!
9 months ago – Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 12:32:29 AM

First up, it is important to say: Welcome, new backers! We're now officially in the final 48 hours of the campaign and we want to thank everyone who is joining in these last days. Many of us have been here since the start, pushing the project forward and unlocking stretch goal after stretch goal, and now we're all set for your support to push us to the end. 

We've now unlocked the $190,000 stretch goal, adding two pocket journals to the campaign, one of which is packed inside theNecromancer Pocket Box while the other is included in the Car Wars Pocket Box. As requested, both journals are also available as add-ons; increase your pledge by $3 for each loose journal that you want; you'll make your final reward selections in BackerKit.

More Journals!

The $200,000 stretch goal is revealed and, if met, we will add two more journals to the campaign: One packed inside the Truck Stop Pocket Box and one inside the Crash City Pocket Box. And tomorrow, if we're lucky enough to break through the $200,000 mark, we have more stretch goals to reveal, including one that we just managed to secure; sometimes, paperwork takes more time than you may think.

While we wait for tomorrow, please enjoy one of today's finds: In the archives, we ran across this paste-up board for an Autoduel Quarterly subscription form. There are all sorts of awesome treats in those archives; the more we dig, the more I want us to tackle a company scrapbook. But, that's a discussion for another day.

- Phil Reed

$165k and $170k Stretch Goals Unlocked, Illuminati Expansion Set 3 Stretch Goal Revealed
9 months ago – Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 10:33:10 PM

Yesterday was another phenomenal day for the campaign, with Kicktraq reporting over $8,000 in support added to the project. Thank you! That was enough to break through both the $165,000 and $170,000 goals, adding a new Ogre 9-inch by 12-inch pocket folder and storage box checklists to the list of available goodies. You're gonna need a few Pocket Box empties to use those storage box stickers and checklists; you may add two to your rewards by increasing your pledge by $10.

Illuminati Expansion Set 3

We placed our hands on a clean, crisp copy of Illuminati Expansion Set 3 and it is now listed as the $180,000 stretch goal. If we can reach $180,000 in support before the timer runs out, then we'll produce this ziplock bag expansion and open it as an add-on item. We'll also pack the expansion in the $145, $175, $200, and $250 reward levels at no extra charge; that $200 reward level is truly a steal at this point.

This stretch goal needs to be destroyed ASAP!
This stretch goal needs to be destroyed ASAP!

 Boat Wars Needs You!

We now have 545 backers at the $200 reward level, meaning that we only need 55 more $200 backers to unlock Boat Wars and bring it into the event. How do we find those 55 backers? A few ideas:

  • Convince every member of your gaming group to join in; they'll need their own copies of the games so that they don't ruin your factory-fresh treasures.
  • Reach out to a childhood friend who was your favorite Car Wars opponent and show them everything offered as a part of this campaign. They'll instantly be consumed by the games and expansions and want to start playing Car Wars again, right?
  • On any public terminal you encounter today, leave the browser on the main Kickstarter page for this project and Illuminati clearly visible. The norms who follow you will get the idea . . . or else.
  • Bump your own pledge if you're not yet at the $200 reward level. The number of bonus items packed inside that reward is officially ridiculous at this point; you'll thank us later . . . especially after the giant box of awesome lands on your home and detonates a nostalgia bomb unlike any you've seen before.

Tomorrow, we will hit the 48-hour mark and Kickstarter will send out notifications to everyone who has saved this campaign. Let's see if we can unlock a few more stretch goals before the 48-hour event; then the next wave of backers can focus on unlocking the remaining stretch goals before Friday.

Thanks for the help in spreading word of the campaign, gang! We're almost at the finish line, so let's floor it and make a big push in these final days.

- Phil Reed

GURPS Autoduel Unlocked and, as requested, Autoduel Quarterly and Space Gamer in PDF.
9 months ago – Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:49:54 PM

The Facebook shares goal has been met and the $160,000 stretch goal unlocked, which means that:

  • All backers at the $20 reward level and higher will receive The Space Gamer #30 in PDF, delivered through Warehouse 23. 
  • All backers at the $200 reward level are automatically getting a replica of the first edition of GURPS Autoduel in their rewards package! Also, the book is now available as an add-on item; increase your pledge by $20 and then let us know in the BackerKit pledge manager that you want GURPS Autoduel.
As requested, all 40 issues of ADQ in PDF as an add-on item.
As requested, all 40 issues of ADQ in PDF as an add-on item.


There were magazine requests that were reasonable and easy for us to fulfill, so we're happy to announce that two new digital add-ons have been added to the campaign:

  • Autoduel Quarterly - All 40 issues of the Car Wars magazine in PDF, delivered through Warehouse 23. Increase your pledge amount by $40 if you want this PDF bundle.
  • The Space Gamer - The Steve Jackson Games issues -- #27 to #76 -- in PDF and delivered through Warehouse 23. The Space Gamer is a game industry time machine, with articles, adventures, reviews, and advertisements that give you a look at the hobby as it existed in the early eighties. Warning! You'll get lost in these PDFs. $75 for the bundle!

The campaign closes on Friday and we still have stretch goals to unlock, so please don't stop chatting about all of these games at your favorite websites and forums. Yesterday was an incredible day and we want to maintain that momentum so that more and more classic titles are added to this event.

- Phil Reed