Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

Created by Steve Jackson Games

Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Status Report
9 months ago – Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 10:40:16 PM

We've submitted over twenty of the necessary titles to the factory for scanning, completed checks of the jpeg proofs for seven games, and officially submitted the pocket folders and journals to the factory for manufacturing.

Work will slow for the next week; we will have a team at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno and I won't be in the office to coordinate with our reps at GPI. Sabrina, Gabby, and Susan are handling the bulk of the hard parts on the many, many products, but I've been in constant communication with the factory and need to remain involved until we have everything officially out of the scanning and proofing stage.

And even though Pocket Box work will slow in the office for the coming week, GPI isn't stopping. David and Jason are working on a single spreadsheet to track every title and every component, so the GAMA show is actually buying them the time they need to catch up with all of the materials that we've already submitted.

We'll be back in touch after GAMA and should have the results of our dice survey then. Which colors did you vote for?

- Phil Reed

Dice Survey!
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 11:11:26 PM

As promised, here is the survey for dice color choices for the Pocket Box titles. Please visit the survey and make your choices; we'll announce the winning dice colors later this month!

Each box will include two custom 14mm dice with each box including the same two colors of dice. Also: If we can manage it, we'll make extra sets of these dice available in BackerKit or later on Warehouse 23.

- Phil Reed

Pocket Box Update and New GURPS
9 months ago – Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 11:04:14 PM

As of this moment, Gabby has handed over all 12 folder, all 12 journals, and the 16 Pocket Box title cover sheets for prepress checks. We expect to send some portion of these files to the factory this week, which moves the project forward at the same time that the factory is scanning in the originals.

Back cover sheets in progress.
Back cover sheets in progress.

We've got more work to do, yes, but everything is proceeding nicely and our plan is to keep you updated throughout the entire production and manufacturing process.

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, Now on Kickstarter

GURPS fans, we're happy to report that we have launched Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, as well as a reprint of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, on Kickstarter under the Warehouse 23 account. This new book of monsters adds more beasts to game and gives GMs more ways to . . . we mean, uh, gives players more monsters to slay and loot. The project runs until March 22, so please join in today!

- Phil Reed

Project Update, ADQ Fiction, and Car Wars Sixth Edition
9 months ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 12:54:40 AM

Even though the campaign came to an end last week, our work at the office -- as well as work at the factory -- is just now kicking into high gear. Over the weekend, instructions were prepared and sent to the team so that we could finalize work on the pocket folders, create the pocket journals, and prepare each cover sheet.

Cover sheet? Absolutely! The games and expansions created as a part of this project are near-exact replicas of the originals, meaning that we needed a place to print the appropriate info: stock number, UPC, safety testing info, modern legal text, etc. We're handling this with cover sheets that will be shrinkwrapped/inserted into the ziplock bag to the back of each individual product. Gabby created the basic design for the cover sheets last week, and now it is time to generate over 30 different sheets.

We'll let you know when these various components are finalized and sent to the factory.

 Autoduel Quarterly Fiction Collection

We promised to run a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of a book of Autoduel Quarterly fiction, and we're serious about launching this project on Kickstarter before the end of 2019. To get a better understanding of what the book may or may not look like, part of the weekend was spent with a test layout of some of the stories.

Sample pages. Not final.
Sample pages. Not final.

These images are not the 100% final designs. Tweaks are needed, we've not settled on a name for the book, and we haven't even decided if it is best to try and create an all-in-one paperback or instead produce a series of saddle-stitched volumes that resemble the early issues of ADQ

Sample pages. Not final.
Sample pages. Not final.

Car Wars Sixth Edition

In other news that many of you may find interesting, work continues on the new edition of Car Wars. Next month, at our FnordCon event in Austin, we'll be offering attendees a chance to play the Car Wars Sixth Edition game. The new game is designed to play faster and harder than the original, with vehicle design accomplished in moments and miniatures an important part of the game. We have several minis in the design stage and have started work on the game's artwork as the development team finalizes the core game and first wave of miniatures expansions.

We'll be sure to share pics from FnordCon for all of you who can't make it to the event.

The Dragon, one of the new Car Wars miniatures designs, in an arena battle as camera drones broadcast video of the event to the millions of viewers at home.
The Dragon, one of the new Car Wars miniatures designs, in an arena battle as camera drones broadcast video of the event to the millions of viewers at home.

 Car Wars at Warehouse 23

For those of you looking to add to all of the classic Car Wars titles you're set to receive as a part of this Kickstarter campaign, we would like to direct you to Warehouse 23 where you can find over 100 Car Wars products in PDF . . . as well as a few printed expansions. Especially relevant and compatible with the Pocket Box era games are the Arenas and Arenas 2 products; these include Car Wars arena maps that are  waiting for you!

You can find the complete list of Car Wars titles at Warehouse 23 right here. Enjoy!

- Phil Reed

One Hour, All Stretch Goals Unlocked
9 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2019 at 11:17:59 PM

We're entering the final hour for the active funding portion of the Pocket Box campaign and . . . wow. Thank you, everyone. When we started planning this project, we suspected that there was interest in the older titles, but none of us expected to see so much support for replicas of the originals.

If this is your first Kickstarter campaign with us, welcome aboard! We will try to stay in touch with you over the next months as we work through the manufacturing process. You can look at any of our previous projects to see how we try to communicate with backers through project updates. We make mistakes at times, yes, but we will do our best to keep you informed and to give you info as we have it.

If you've been with us on Kickstarter before: Thank you for coming back! Thank you for trusting us with your money and for understanding that we'll do everything possible to get you all of your rewards as close to on time as we can manage. If you've been with us on the Kickstarter train before, you have a good idea of what to expect between now and when you're holding your games.

What happens next?

Lots of work with the factory. We ran seven tests last year to verify that the scan/print process would work, and now we have a stack of games and expansions for the factory to scan and create tooling samples. While the older titles are being scanned, Gabby and Sabrina will work on the items new to this project -- wrapping up the pocket folders and journals, creating a back cover sheet for every item that will be shrinkwrapped to the reprint (for new barcode and info) -- while Darryll prepares the BackerKit pledge manager.

We hope to launch the BackerKit stage in mid-March and let it run into mid-May, to give all of you time to make any add-on choices, cover any necessary shipping, and, if you wish, upgrade your pledge level. We may even have a few new options for you in BackerKit; we will see if our ideas work out.

Again, thank you. This campaign has turned into more than any of us expected, and we wouldn't be here without you.

- Phil Reed