Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

Created by Steve Jackson Games

Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Factory Update
3 months ago – Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 11:08:47 PM

Scanning continues! At the moment, we're down to the last nine titles to scan and clean, and the factory is moving to the tooling stage for several of the Pocket Box games. Once we approve the tooling samples -- these are one-off physical mockups that are as close to the final copy as possible -- then everything moves into final manufacturing.

We are slightly behind schedule on the scanning, but our factory rep thinks it will still be possible to meet our ship date and deliver the games as originally scheduled. (Good thing we built some buffer time into our plans!)

Just as soon as the tooling samples start coming in, we'll be back with photos and more info. For now, work continues as everyone does their best to wrap up the scanning and tool stage of the project!

- Phil Reed

BackerKit Update, The Fantasy Trip Giant Box, and Decks of Destiny
5 months ago – Mon, May 06, 2019 at 02:38:07 AM

Most of you have now completed your BackerKit surveys: Thank you! If you've not yet completed your survey, please take care of that before we close and lock the surveys on June 3. Completing your survey guarantees that you'll receive the add-ons that you're most interested in . . . and speaking of add-ons, here are the project's top ten add-ons to date!

  •  Autoduel Quarterly Bundle - PDF 
  • 2 Empty Pocket Boxes
  • Shockwave
  • The Fantasy Trip: Dice Set
  • Ogre Reinforcement Pack
  • The Fantasy Trip: Melee and Wizard Pocket Box
  • Illuminati D6 Dice Set
  • 10 Empty Pocket Boxes
  • Illuminati Expansion Set 3
  • 4 Empty Pocket Boxes

Please remember that you can modify your survey choices up until we lock orders on June 3. If there are add-ons you still want, there's still time to update your survey! Please contact kickstart@sjgames.com if you need any assistance with your survey.

 The Fantasy Trip Unboxing

Steve's first roleplaying game design, The Fantasy Trip, is again in stores! The over-sized game box is loaded, yes, but it is nothing compared to the Kickstarter I Want It All shipping carton that you can see in this unboxing video. That's decades of play value all in one box!

 Decks of Destiny Now on Kickstarter

And speaking of The Fantasy Trip, the new Decks of Destiny expansion is now on Kickstarter and blasting through those stretch goals. Over a dozen have been unlocked in less than a week, and we're looking for more support to keep expanding and growing the project.

If you missed out on last year's campaign for the game, there's an Everything reward as a part of the new project that includes the new expansion, last year's I Want It All box (shown in the unboxing video, above), the Adventures hardcover, and the Hexagram zine. Lots of stuff for fans of The Fantasy Trip all in one reward level: Check out the project today!

- Phil Reed

GPI Visit, Manufacturing Update, and Dice
5 months ago – Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 07:41:13 PM

Yesterday, Darryll and I spent the day with David and Jason at GPI reviewing the status of the Pocket Box campaign as well as the (rough) schedule. This is a large project, with a lot of moving parts, so we wanted to be sure that all of us were on the same page and knew exactly where each product is in the process. To help manage the project, David and Jason created a new spreadsheet unlike any we have used before for project management . . . and it is a work of art! 

So: Where are we at? Scanning continues. We will see final tooling samples for everything by early June which, if all goes well, means that manufacturing starts in late June. At the moment, we look to be on track to meet that October estimated delivery; we'll keep you updated as the project moves forward so that if there are obstacles or delays, you'll know about them just as quickly as we do. 

GPI's Dice Saber

One of the cool things that GPI created last year was the Dice Saber, 101 dice in a nifty package that . . . well, we'll let the photos speak for us!

Dice Saber comes in three different styles.
Dice Saber comes in three different styles.

GPI has some of these limited sets of dice still available and asked if any of you would be interested in them. Our answer: We certainly think so! 

Darryll has added the Dice Saber to the Pocket Box BackerKit page; $40 will score you 101 dice and the package they're contained in. If you like dice, be sure to add these to your survey!

A Giant Gaming Table?

Also spotted at the GPI office was a 4' 2" x 10' 2.5" x 41" tall rolling table that looks like it would be perfect for use as a miniatures gaming table. This is a giant and I wish I could take it home . . . oh, right. You see, Mike at GPI asked if we wanted the table. "Yes" is the only correct answer, but it's too big for us to take on the plane.

Imagine the fun you could have with this table!
Imagine the fun you could have with this table!

I asked Mike if he would mind if I shared the table here, because there may be one of you near Springfield, Massachusetts who would like to own a giant gaming table. If this is you, please visit the GPI website and let them know. The table is $750 and you have to move it. If I lived within driving distance of the GPI office, I would totally grab this. 

This would be perfect for a large Car Wars or Ogre event.
This would be perfect for a large Car Wars or Ogre event.

And that is all for today! Darryll and I return to Austin tonight; if you're having troubles with your BackerKit survey, please let us know and we'll do what we can to help you out.

- Phil Reed

Cover the table with terrain and you're ready to go!
Cover the table with terrain and you're ready to go!

Update: New Pledge Level
5 months ago – Tue, Apr 09, 2019 at 02:58:43 AM

Hey folks!

We've received a ton of requests by those looking to get access to one of the core sets for Illuminati, Ogre, Car Wars, or the Classic Pocket Box games to replace their box pledge. What we've done is created a new $5 pledge level that allows access to addons. If you switch to this pledge level, your funds will be converted into credit. 

Example: You pledged at 4 games for $75, and you want the Ogre Pocket Box Collection for $85. This would mean that you would switch from the 75$ pledge to 5$, creating $70 in credit. You'll have to pay another $15 to get the Ogre box, and whatever the specific shipping is in your region. It may look like you're paying $90, but the $5 is being applied to your shipping fees.

We hope that this is another bit of flexibility we can offer to allow everyone to be as happy as they can be with the BackerKit process. 

Please keep sending your messages, and we will answer them as we can. 

- Darryll

Survey time!
5 months ago – Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 02:35:42 AM

Let it begin!

Hot off the heels of the FnordCon, I've been working to wrap up the last bit of Pocket Box BackerKit. Everyone should have all of their surveys soon, as the emails queue and send. However, if you end up seeing an issue once inside, please reach out to Kickstart@SJGames.com, so I can take a look into it. 

Updating your pledge level!

- Open the email link to BackerKit. You should be greeted by a large "get started!" button.

- Click "Get Started!"

- On the top of the page, click the hyperlink under "Your Pledge Level"

- A pop up will open, click "Switch Pledge Level" in the top right corner.

- Pick your new pledge level and click "Switch!"

That's all I have for now.

Thanks all!

- Darryll

*Note: I've already received multiple "I didn't get my email yet!" messages. Please be patient and check in with us tomorrow if you haven't yet received it, after checking spam and other filters.*