Pocket Box Games of the Eighties

Created by Steve Jackson Games

Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Containers Have Shipped! (Also, Car Wars Sixth Edition Now on Kickstarter)
4 days ago – Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 02:17:52 AM

We cannot thank all of you enough for your patience on this project. The delays were unexpected and frustrating, but we can now officially report: The project has shipped from the factory! We will see the containers in Austin next month and we will start processing rewards as fast as possible. Note that this will be a multi-week project; there are a lot of rewards to pack and we have around 2,000 packages to mail. We will keep you updated as we enter the final stage of this project.

Car Wars Sixth Edition

In other news, Car Wars Sixth Edition is now on Kickstarter! Over 3,000 backers have unlocked several stretch goals; check out the campaign page to see pics, videos, and to learn more about this new edition of the classic game of autoduelling.

- Phil Reed

Factory Update
16 days ago – Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 10:10:02 PM

The containers (yes, the project requires more than one) are booked and everything is now officially scheduled. At the moment, we expect to see the project reach our Austin fulfillment partner the second week of January. What happens once the shipment lands in Austin? The Warehouse 23 team will work with our fulfillment warehouse to pack and ship rewards as quickly as we can manage; as you can likely guess, this will take time because of both the number of backers and the complexity of the rewards.

We cannot apologize enough to all of you for the delays. The size of the project, combined with our insistence that these reproductions look as near-identical to the originals as possible, made the manufacturing stage take months longer than any of us expected. This is our most complicated print project of the year, and we appreciate your patience as we worked through everything.

Car Wars Sixth Edition Pre-Campaign Stretch Goals

For those of you who are excited to see the new edition of Car Wars on our schedule, we're happy to report that our pre-campaign stretch goals experiment is working well. We've opened a notifications page -- click "Notify me" on this page to be counted as a follower -- and we're running stretch goals based on number of project followers. See this Facebook post for details, and we hope to see many of you join the campaign next week!

Pocket Box In Stores

Once last bit of info on the Pocket Box campaign. With the market in its current state, we've decided that a majority of the reproductions created thanks to your support will not be offered to distribution. At the moment, we only plan to offer the Illuminati bundle box and Classic Games bundle box to distributors; all of the other titles will be available direct from us on Warehouse 23 and at conventions.

Additionally, once released, many of the titles will be priced higher than the Kickstarter prices that you paid. Between delays and expenses, plus upcoming tariffs, we have no choice but to raise the retail price once we start selling these items in 2020. 

Any questions? Please email kickstart@sjgames.com for support.

- Phil Reed

Manufacturing Update and Car Wars Sixth Edition Pics
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 03:18:14 AM

We've now seen all but two of the production samples for the Pocket Box campaign. What are production samples? These are the completed, 100% final items as the factory has produced them. We are waiting on one Car Wars expansion set, and one Illuminati expansion set, and then we will have approved all of the production samples. That means the project should move into final assembly in November, at which point we will be able to better nail down the shipping schedules.

Another round of production samples approved!

Car Wars Sixth Edition

We're now one month from the planned Kickstarter launch for the new edition of Car Wars. Black Friday, November 29, is the day the project is set to go live, and our team is working hard at preparing all of the miniatures and graphics that we need for the campaign page. There's a lot of work left to do, but things are looking incredible!

- Phil Reed

Car Wars Sixth Edition miniatures painted by Ben Williams (on one of the new playmats, also by Ben Williams!). Click to see more pics at BGG!
Car Wars Sixth Edition miniatures painted by Ben Williams (on one of the new playmats, also by Ben Williams!). Click to see more pics at BGG!

Production Samples, Wave 1 + Shipping Update
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 01:49:08 AM

What are production samples? These are printed titles that are taken from the final production run for our approval. And today, as you can tell by the pics, we received the first wave of production samples. Sabrina will now check all of these and send the factory her feedback.

We Are Running Late

The latest estimate from the factory puts the 16 Pocket Box games as completed and ready next week. The expansions are running a few weeks behind schedule and we won't be ready to start assembling the bundles until early in November. Additionally, we still have to coordinate shipping the completed games from the factory to Austin; we cannot start to schedule the container until we have a 100% final project completion date from the factory.

We are sorry that this is running behind schedule. The task of preparing all of the titles for manufacturing took the factory longer than any of us had estimated, and we've since been behind and not gaining time. At the moment, we do not know if the games will land in Austin in December, or if the entire delivery will slide into January. We will know more in early November.

Delays are terrible and we hate to be late with your games. That said, though, the delays have been so that we can make these as near-identical to the originals as possible. Thank you for your understanding and continued patience.

- Phil Reed

Production samples!
Uncle Al is back!
Green boxes!

Stacking bundle boxes at the office.
2 months ago – Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 12:45:36 AM

While walking past Sabrina's office, I noticed that she had stacked all seven of the bundle boxes (plus an extra) in the window . . . and, uh, the stack is not a short one. Darryll wandered by and here he is giving us an idea of how tall the seven boxes are when stacked up. (Please note that there are eight boxes in the photo, so Darryll is a little taller than the Pocket Box campaign rewards.)

For those of you who upgraded your pledge in BackerKit to receive all seven of the bundle boxes, you now know to make room for all of your rewards. To badly paraphrase the seventies, "you're gonna need a bigger shelf."

A Game For The Entire Family

We released Deadly Doodles last month and in addition to being our hottest selling game at Gen Con, it is also moving so well that we placed a reprint order and expect more copies in December. If you've not yet tried Deadly Doodles, it is a fast-playing dungeon game for kids and adults . . . and we're expanding it!

Deadly Doodles 2 is on Kickstarter now and offers reward levels that include the game and expansion. If you're looking for a new game for the kids in your life, please check out Deadly Doodles today and join in to help make this new Kickstarter campaign a success.

- Phil Reed